Thursday, March 20, 2008


here. golden rays shooting down
ever so slightly kissing my body
warming my fingertips
trickling down through my veins
and residing in my core.
a whisper breeze tangles itself
within my wild mane
gently lulling me back and forth, back and forth
to the music of my rustling body.
wetness seeps up and through the ground's surface
to moisten my feet.
it shoots through me 
refreshing my soul, strengthening my year.
iam here! i am alive!
the whole world is changing, moving around me
the earth shifts, time passes
people walk, cars speed
but here i will remain, unchanged 
beneath the light, grounded in earth.
for some life passes
others life's stuck
and still others, "what is life?"
but this is my life
it's here! i'm here!
with my arms outstretched 
entangled within one another
and my fingertips stretching 
to an infinite sky, unending light
my help, i daily recieve
each moment, each breath
each heart skip and
every reason to be alive.

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